What is HIPAA/HITECH and Why Should I Care?

Many meet basic HIPAA compliance standards. In 2009, HITECH amendments increased security requirements. Did you implement those policies? 2013 introduced the Omnibus Final Rule! Do you know which changes affect your practice?

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K-Comply powered by ComplyAssistant

Can you prove you are compliant? By managing your ComplyAssistant account with the K-Comply worksheet system, all of your HIPAA compliance activity is documented and organized with tools designed specifically for compliance management.

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Business Associate ‘Due Diligence’ Requirements

The Omnibus Final Rule introduced new definitions and requirements for Business Associates.  “Due diligence” on the part of a Covered Entity has increased. If they are not compliant, you are not compliant. Where do you start?  Contact Us for a copy of your Blue Due Kit.

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