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[row][two_fourth]Kardon Technology offers access to a complete system of daily health checks for all your systems. The antivirus, backup and disk space status is automatically checked each day. If you elect, you are sent an email every day with that status of your monitored machines.

You also have access via the client dashboard link above. From our site, you can see the status of each machine being monitored along with a complete asset inventory of your monitored equipment. This awesome tool that can keep your HIPAA status reporting current and up-to date.

For more information or to activate your Network Management Client Dashboard, contact us.[/two_fourth]

Kardon Technology also offers access to your specific project management. This dashboard provides client background, contact information, current project status, as well as a history and documentation of support cases and ToDo tasks.  You can follow along with us as we work on your projects and cases.

You can also create support cases, communicate with the Kardon Tech staff and initiate payments for current and past invoices. To access the client dashboard, click the link above.

For more information or to activate your Client Management Dashboard, contact us.