Are you Predictable when it comes to Password Security?

Isn’t it fairly common knowledge that we should use strong passwords that are not easily “guessed” and change them regularly to protect our sensitive and confidential data? That good password security is the first and most effective strategy for protecting our private data and accounts? Well, apparently not. We hear, way too often, about systems […]

Pay Attention to Who Wants Your Information

The days of a sneaky thief stealing your purse to get your personal information are long gone. Rummaging through trash to find unshredded bank statements is just too boring. Identity thieves are so brazen that they will just come out and ask you for any information they need: bank account numbers, social security numbers, credit […]

Now, Back to Heartbleed

Late last week, I started my blog mentioning the recent Heartbleed security threat that has infected approximately two-thirds of internet websites.  I went on to give you several tips on how to protect your identity and your connection online as well as referencing a previous blog I did on the same subject with other “protecting […]

Online Safety… is there such a thing?

I am willing to bet that you have heard of the Heartbleed security vulnerability that is causing the Internet a great deal of heartache (although, surprisingly, many still haven’t).  So in the wake of this bug, I feel it necessary to revisit the topic of online safety.  There are a lot of good links in […]

So, you want to be your own IT professional?

Information Technology (IT) is the practice of using computers to store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit, and communicate data. Humans have been doing this since writing was first developed back in about 3000 BC. IT encompasses technologies such as computer hardware, software, electronics, internet, e-commerce, computer services, networks, telecom equipment, and much more. And IT professionals deal […]

PC and Network Security Tools

Back in the good ole days, all you needed to protect your computer and keep your data private was a single piece of antivirus software.  Boy, have things changed!   Now as soon as you turn your PC on and connect it to a network, you are immediately at risk for viruses, spam, malware, worms, trojan […]

The Web Browser Wars Continue….

Many people are still confused about the difference between a browser and the internet.  Try this:  Think of a browser as a car and the internet as a highway.  Cars use the highway much like a browser uses the internet. The internet is a mass of interconnected computer networks that carry a wide range of […]

28 January 2013
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Spear Phishing… huh???

By now I’m sure you’ve not only heard of phishing scams, but probably even received a few through email.  These attempts of online identity theft and fraud are running rampant over the Internet.  The typical phishing scam seeks to obtain usernames, passwords, and credit card information by masquerading as a trustworthy source.  However, there are […]

Phishing Email Scams – What They Are and How to Avoid Them

Phishing scams have been rapidly growing on the Internet for years. It is a means of online identity theft and fraud. Phishing emails typically look authentic and claim to be from a trustworthy company, usually a banking institution, credit card company, or other financial organization. Some phishing scams seek to steal personal information and financial […]

Email is Absolutely NOT a Secure Way to Exchange Information

If anyone tells you email is secure, don’t believe them.  I now explain email security the same way my brother-in-law explained text messages to his teenage son.  “Don’t put anything in a text message you wouldn’t mind seeing on the front page of the local newspaper.” There are both technical and human reasons this statement […]