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  • If you’re like me, you’re probably looking forward to that extra hour of sleep you will get when we turn the clocks back on Sunday (that is, Nov 1, 2015).  But a few more z’s (and the threat of being an hour early to work on Monday) aren't the only noteworthy things about Daylight Saving Time. Use this time of year to take care of important tasks around your home… and with your computer technology. Sure we’ve all heard things like changing the batteries in our smoke detectors (and carbon monoxide detectors), flipping our mattresses, vacuuming out the dryer vents, and restocking our emergency kits.  But, what about those housecleaning tasks for our electronics? Luckily, most cell phones, computers, and

    Oct 28,
    - by Christa
  • Isn’t it fairly common knowledge that we should use strong passwords that are not easily "guessed" and change them regularly to protect our sensitive and confidential data? That good password security is the first and most effective strategy for protecting our private data and accounts? Well, apparently not. We hear, way too often, about systems being compromised via hacked passwords. We have written at least one blog a year on password and online security, including Password Security, Securing Your Online Passwords, and even HELP! I have too many Passwords. Surprisingly, we haven’t written one this year. So, guess what?  Here’s your password security review for 2014. Let’s start with a recent report from Trustwave, a company that helps businesses reduce

    Aug 20,
    - by Christa
  • Late last week, I started my blog mentioning the recent Heartbleed security threat that has infected approximately two-thirds of internet websites.  I went on to give you several tips on how to protect your identity and your connection online as well as referencing a previous blog I did on the same subject with other "protecting yourself online" tips. Today, I wanted to finish this topic up with some information about the Heartbleed vulnerability.  Basically, Heartbleed is a flaw in the open source encryption standard, OpenSSL. OpenSSL is used for the security of many popular websites in transmitting data over the Internet that users want to keep secure.  This flaw allows hackers to steal usernames, passwords and other sensitive data while

    Apr 28,
    - by Christa
  • I am willing to bet that you have heard of the Heartbleed security vulnerability that is causing the Internet a great deal of heartache (although, surprisingly, many still haven't).  So in the wake of this bug, I feel it necessary to revisit the topic of online safety.  There are a lot of good links in the next two articles for you to consider. In August 2012, I wrote a blog called Protecting Yourself from Online Security Breaches that provided several safety tips, from ways to protect your identity (having a solid password management strategy) to tips on protecting your connection (using a good anti-virus solution).  I will expand on those in this blog and also give you a couple tips

    Apr 24,
    - by Christa
  • Information Technology (IT) is the practice of using computers to store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit, and communicate data. Humans have been doing this since writing was first developed back in about 3000 BC. IT encompasses technologies such as computer hardware, software, electronics, internet, e-commerce, computer services, networks, telecom equipment, and much more. And IT professionals deal with a wide range of studies including software, programming languages, hardware, information systems, mobile technologies, networking strategies, and web design, to name a few. Suggesting hardware required to carry out a particular task, installing applications on computer systems, designing efficient and complex networks, creating and managing databases, designing software, and administering entire systems are among a few of the tasks of IT professionals. They keep

    Feb 19,
    - by Christa