An unused office is not the place for old computers.

This may be a shock to many people, but old computers do not go on the floor in the corner of the unused office. Yes, I am telling the truth. Whether replaced due to age or broken components, old computers can be found discarded throughout offices wherever I go. It is important to realize that […]

Vulnerability Scans… Penetration tests… Risk Analysis… Huh?

All things security have become huge industries in the computer world. People are rushing to define their business and businesses are finding new (and expensive) ways to protect their information. As the importance of IT and computer development for businesses has grown, the idea of understanding risks and protecting digital information has become its own […]

LastPass Security Breach

You probably have heard by now that LastPass, one of the leading password management services, had a security breach last week.   There are a number of media outlets reporting the story, including this article from PC World.  LastPass has always been committed to the privacy and security of the data they store for their customers and […]

15 June 2015
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Free Windows 10? Not so fast.

Over the past week, you may have noticed a new icon in the bottom right system tray of your Windows computer. The white windows icon points you in the direction needed to “Get Windows 10”. With a bit of poking around, you will see that Windows 10 can be downloaded through a Windows update and […]

Email grab bag!

It is time for a bit of an email grab bag. IT professionals usually get a whole host of random questions thrown at them through email, so I thought I would take some time to answer a couple recent ones directed at me. What should I look for in a new computer? The wonderfully vague question […]

Prevent Catastrophe

Check your oil… Change the batteries in your smoke detectors… Review your backups and passwords… Preventative maintenance or regular housekeeping can go a long way to saving yourself money (and gray hairs) should a problem arise. In nearly every walk of life, people regularly check-up on the status of various aspects of their work and personal […]

Wireless Options Falling from the Sky

With the recent kerfuffle over the Comcast/Time Warner merger, the disgust aimed towards large telecommunication companies has reared its head again. Until just recently, most people would be beholden to certain corporations when purchasing internet service, cable service, or cell service. There are limited companies with limited packages available for someone shopping for one of […]

Master Your Internet Capacity

I am not going to lie. As a Georgia boy that is a big golfer, there is no other week more important to me than the The Masters.  But, as someone also involved in technology and providing support for a wide range of clients, I am intrigued by the technological advances of a golf club […]

Mobile devices need security, too

One thing that seems to escape many businesses is the idea that protection and security extends to all devices at an organization. Everyone takes time to protect offices with locks, desktops with screensavers and passwords, and laptops with cable attachments. But, the phones or mobile devices that you use for email and other business related functions […]

Internet Explorer – Vulnerabilities exposed. Again.

It is time for another technology blog post and, unfortunately, I am going to revisit an old topic: Internet Explorer.  Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have long been suggested alternatives for internet browsers for a variety of reasons.  The newest reason would be the identification of a universal flaw in Internet Explorer, even if your […]