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  • If you’re like me, you’re probably looking forward to that extra hour of sleep you will get when we turn the clocks back on Sunday (that is, Nov 1, 2015).  But a few more z’s (and the threat of being an hour early to work on Monday) aren't the only noteworthy things about Daylight Saving Time. Use this time of year to take care of important tasks around your home… and with your computer technology. Sure we’ve all heard things like changing the batteries in our smoke detectors (and carbon monoxide detectors), flipping our mattresses, vacuuming out the dryer vents, and restocking our emergency kits.  But, what about those housecleaning tasks for our electronics? Luckily, most cell phones, computers, and

    Oct 28,
    - by Christa
  • You probably have heard by now that LastPass, one of the leading password management services, had a security breach last week.   There are a number of media outlets reporting the story, including this article from PC World.  LastPass has always been committed to the privacy and security of the data they store for their customers and have proven that with the use of their high standard encryption and hashing algoithms - the techniques they employ to keep your passwords safe. If you've been among the many who have received technology and security advice from Kardon Tech, then you know that we often recommend the use of a password management solution, more specifically - LastPass.  Therefore, we felt it important to give you our thoughts

    Jun 17,
    - by Christa
  • In the past, we have posted several blogs related to password security. You can check out some of the past blogs here. Unfortunately, these days, even a secure password may not be enough to stop nefarious individuals. Whether it is a trojan that gets into your computer through malware and steals a password or somebody after a twitter account (like @N or @mat), people can do anything from guessing your password or engineering a password reset. It is important to try and add layers of security to simple password usage. Multi-factor authentication (usually called 2FA, two factor authentication) helps to mitigate those attacks. Multi-factor authentication is based  on someone having multiple ways to identify themselves when accessing a system. The

    Dec 08,
    - by
  • So, here we are again.  Christmas is right around the corner and retailers are advertising like crazy in hopes of getting their products on the top of your Christmas list.  If you are like me, a new smartphone is at the top of your list.  Ok, to be honest, Christmas came a little early for me this year.  Thanks to a trade-in promotion from AT&T, I already have my new iPhone 6.  And, in purchasing my new smartphone it brought to mind “Now, what do I do with my old one?” Often buying a new smartphone means you will likely be recycling, trading-in, selling, donating, or using your old gadget as a doorstop.  Regardless, protecting or wiping the personal data currently

    Dec 01,
    - by Christa
  • October is known for Halloween, cooler temperatures, and the beginning of Fall where leaves start changing colors and fall from the trees.  October is also well-known as National Breast Cancer Awareness month, but did you know it is also National CyberSecurity Awareness Month? National CyberSecurity Awareness Month has been observed in the US during the month of October since 2004.  It’s the month where the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance reach out to all Americans about cyber threats.  They encourage computer and online vigilance and protection and even offer tips and best practices concerning how to stay safer and more secure online. By now, I think we all know that the Internet can be a

    Oct 23,
    - by Christa
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