Master Your Internet Capacity

I am not going to lie. As a Georgia boy that is a big golfer, there is no other week more important to me than the The Masters.  But, as someone also involved in technology and providing support for a wide range of clients, I am intrigued by the technological advances of a golf club […]

Mobile devices need security, too

One thing that seems to escape many businesses is the idea that protection and security extends to all devices at an organization. Everyone takes time to protect offices with locks, desktops with screensavers and passwords, and laptops with cable attachments. But, the phones or mobile devices that you use for email and other business related functions […]

Internet Explorer – Vulnerabilities exposed. Again.

It is time for another technology blog post and, unfortunately, I am going to revisit an old topic: Internet Explorer.  Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have long been suggested alternatives for internet browsers for a variety of reasons.  The newest reason would be the identification of a universal flaw in Internet Explorer, even if your […]

A default password is no password at all.

As the calendar turns to 2015, it is time to review one of the easiest steps someone can take to reduce security threats to their technology devices and applications: change your password. In the past, we discussed the use of “easy” passwords. In addition to setting complex passwords, users also need to realize that default […]

Two-Factor Authentication. What in the heck is that? And why should I use it?

In the past, we have posted several blogs related to password security. You can check out some of the past blogs here. Unfortunately, these days, even a secure password may not be enough to stop nefarious individuals. Whether it is a trojan that gets into your computer through malware and steals a password or somebody […]

Wipe Data From Your Old SmartPhone

So, here we are again.  Christmas is right around the corner and retailers are advertising like crazy in hopes of getting their products on the top of your Christmas list.  If you are like me, a new smartphone is at the top of your list.  Ok, to be honest, Christmas came a little early for me […]

CyberSecurity Awareness

October is known for Halloween, cooler temperatures, and the beginning of Fall where leaves start changing colors and fall from the trees.  October is also well-known as National Breast Cancer Awareness month, but did you know it is also National CyberSecurity Awareness Month? National CyberSecurity Awareness Month has been observed in the US during the […]

7 October 2014
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Protect yourself during online purchases!

The christmas shopping season is rapidly approaching. And, with each passing year, online purchasing becomes more and more prevalent. With the ease of online shopping, people can become lax in their security practices. If you are in a crowded mall, you will be aware of your wallet or purse. People know to keep an eye […]

Will my credit card information ever be secure?

Christmas is just around the corner and cyber thieves are ready for the holiday shopping season. Most of us will be using credit and/or debit cards with the magnetic stripes to pay for our online and in store purchases. The credit card magnetic stripe was created over forty years ago and revolutionized the way we […]