Is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Dead?

Noooo.  Not at all.  But did you know that Microsoft has ended their support for older versions of their Internet Explorer browser?  Well, kinda.  As of Jan 12, only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will receive technical support and security updates. What does that mean?  What are the […]

Set your clocks back – Computer clean up style…

If you’re like me, you’re probably looking forward to that extra hour of sleep you will get when we turn the clocks back on Sunday (that is, Nov 1, 2015).  But a few more z’s (and the threat of being an hour early to work on Monday) aren’t the only noteworthy things about Daylight Saving […]

A botnet? No, I’m good.

As the world evolves, malware attacks are evolving, as well. Yes, your computer is at risk of being infected with viruses and malware programs, as well as having data stolen or destroyed. But, did you know your computer could also become a perpetrator in another crime and you may not even be aware of it happening? Recent […]

31 August 2015
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Laptops and airports – A dangerous mix.

On a recent business trip, I found myself preparing my laptop for the plane flight only to realize that there is more that goes into packing than meets the eye. The laptop itself is several hundred (or thousand) dollars worth of personal property with untold amounts of private or company data. When traveling, there are […]

Phishing emails on steroids!

At last count, we have covered, or at least mentioned, phishing email scams in at least 13 of our tech blogs since 2010.  One in particular phishing email scam blog explains what they are, their inherent dangers, how to spot them, how to avoid them, and even what to do to minimize the damages if you fall victim […]

3 August 2015
Comments: Comments Off on An unused office is not the place for old computers.

An unused office is not the place for old computers.

This may be a shock to many people, but old computers do not go on the floor in the corner of the unused office. Yes, I am telling the truth. Whether replaced due to age or broken components, old computers can be found discarded throughout offices wherever I go. It is important to realize that […]

Vulnerability Scans… Penetration tests… Risk Analysis… Huh?

All things security have become huge industries in the computer world. People are rushing to define their business and businesses are finding new (and expensive) ways to protect their information. As the importance of IT and computer development for businesses has grown, the idea of understanding risks and protecting digital information has become its own […]

LastPass Security Breach

You probably have heard by now that LastPass, one of the leading password management services, had a security breach last week.   There are a number of media outlets reporting the story, including this article from PC World.  LastPass has always been committed to the privacy and security of the data they store for their customers and […]

15 June 2015
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Free Windows 10? Not so fast.

Over the past week, you may have noticed a new icon in the bottom right system tray of your Windows computer. The white windows icon points you in the direction needed to “Get Windows 10”. With a bit of poking around, you will see that Windows 10 can be downloaded through a Windows update and […]

Email grab bag!

It is time for a bit of an email grab bag. IT professionals usually get a whole host of random questions thrown at them through email, so I thought I would take some time to answer a couple recent ones directed at me. What should I look for in a new computer? The wonderfully vague question […]