Can you really unplug? I mean REALLY unplug?!

Smart phones, tablets, laptops, PDAs, netbooks… these are examples of just a few mobile devices that we use daily to make our lives easier. Ok, well maybe you used a PDA and/or netbook back in the day. But since the adoption of smart phones and tablets, does anyone still use PDAs or netbooks? I’d be […]

Facebook Test Subject

In case you were wondering (and you use Facebook), there is a chance that you were guinea pig for Facebook in 2012. The data team for Facebook recently published a study in the journal for the National Academy of Sciences (check it out here). The study was designed to test the ability to transfer emotions […]

E-Waste… Huh?

What?  You’ve never heard the term “e-waste”?  How about “e-scrap”?  Well, don’t feel bad.  It’s not that surprising, really.  The general public knows very little about e-waste, much less how to properly dispose of it. We all use electronics everyday.  I would bet you would be hard pressed to find someone who does not use […]

4 June 2014
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Technology overload! Take a deep breath.

With the prevalence of technology, sometimes it is hard to separate yourself from the stresses of daily life. Personally, I have my job at a fingertip at all times. I can send an email, call a client, check on project status, or look at client computer performance and, sometimes, it is pure overload. The most […]

Is your Trash Someone Else’s Treasure? Shred it!

How much personal information do you think you simply throw in your regular garbage each day? Unopened credit card offers? Utility bills? Have you ever considered shredding those items?  Typically there are two main reasons why shredding paper and plastic documents is important – to prevent identity theft and fraud and to safely dispose of […]

Pay Attention to Who Wants Your Information

The days of a sneaky thief stealing your purse to get your personal information are long gone. Rummaging through trash to find unshredded bank statements is just too boring. Identity thieves are so brazen that they will just come out and ask you for any information they need: bank account numbers, social security numbers, credit […]

Now, Back to Heartbleed

Late last week, I started my blog mentioning the recent Heartbleed security threat that has infected approximately two-thirds of internet websites.  I went on to give you several tips on how to protect your identity and your connection online as well as referencing a previous blog I did on the same subject with other “protecting […]

Online Safety… is there such a thing?

I am willing to bet that you have heard of the Heartbleed security vulnerability that is causing the Internet a great deal of heartache (although, surprisingly, many still haven’t).  So in the wake of this bug, I feel it necessary to revisit the topic of online safety.  There are a lot of good links in […]

I have an old computer, what now?

Hopefully, if you have been properly upgrading, you have one or two old Windows XP computers sitting around gathering dust. Seeing old and unused computers stacked in a corner of an office is a constant sight when visiting clients. You do not need to fall in to this pattern or assume that is the only […]

To Shut Down or Not to Shut Down…

It’s one of the oldest questions – right up there with “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”  Ok, maybe not THAT old but still whether you should turn your PC off every night is a long running debate in the technology world.  You can ask any number of geeks and it’s likely that, […]