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What Makes Us Different

What makes us different?

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nalytical Consultation.  We may not know everything, but we have a very diverse team.  As a team, we meet about everything. And not just status meetings, but planning meetings.

We communicate. Our sales team knows what our tech team has been doing.  Operations hears from both sides of the house.  You, our client, can call and speak with any one of us at any time. The systems we have in place have been reviewed by the staff; some implemented by them. Opinions and contributions are counted and heavily weighed. We constantly strive to make things simpler, faster and more effective… for you.

We all work for you, and believe that we can take care of your technology so that you can take care of business.  A few things you should consider before you engage Kardon Technology:

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  • We know the technology stuff.  You know your business.  We want to understand your business.  We need to know the ins and outs of your day, the duties of your staff, the roles of those that travel and those that support the day-to-day operations.  Only then can we offer you the technology that meets your current needs and provide the foundation for controlled expansion.
  • We talk to you (in plain English) about what we’ll do once we get to your office and what we did before we leave.  Based on your input, we can help implement procedures that work for your unique environment.  Then, we can provide a step by step tutorial for your staff.
  • We don’t market specific vendor solutions.  We have solutions we like and trust, but we aren’t going to have you change to something that just doesn’t work for you.  Just because it’s out there doesn’t mean you need to have it.  Everything is not for everyone every time.  If you see or hear about something you like, ask us about it.  We regularly follow industry news and can discuss what may benefit your operations.
  • We can find the right solutions.  With just a few changes in your technology set up or utilization, we can help you with problems you didn’t even know you had or help streamline processes so that you are more efficient.  We’ll work with you in steps, saving you time and money as you grow.


We want to be your partner who grows with your business.  We are not just a number you call or email address you have when you have a problem.  We meet with you and speak with you regularly.  The only way to understand where you are and where you want to go is to be a part of your team.  As you grow your business, we provide the tools for your success.