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Healthcare IT

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he staff at Kardon Technology has been working with medical practices and medical IT for more than 25 years. We have seen the unique challenges you face. We understand the processes and procedures necessary to run a successful practice.

At Kardon Technology, we:

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    • have developed the software for scheduling, claims, statements, reporting, etc.
    • have created interfaces between lab systems, drug inventory systems, coding applications, CORI reporting and more.
    • have worked with hospitals, payers, clearinghouses, consultants, office staff, practice administrators, nurses and physicians to meet all their different requirements and needs.
    • have spent countless hours working with CPA’s and accounting staffs to determine exactly why ‘some of these numbers don’t look right this month’.
    • have been through countless software conversions, regulation changes, systems implementations and data format changes.
    • understand the responsibility that comes with patient data and how all office systems could affect patient care in one way or another.
    • understand HIPAA/HITECH compliance issues from the perspective of a small business.
    • know what HL7, ANSI 5010 837, 835, 270, 271, etc. really means and we can read the data formats.


We understand the special demands required for medical practices and we strive to provide the services they require in a complete solution of medical IT support, consulting and systems management.