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Our History

Where we got started

Kardon  Technology was started as an extension of services that were already offered by our parent company Kardon Group, LLC; a consulting company formed by the owner, Donna Grindle, in 1998.  Kardon Group is an independent consulting firm started to provide IT support and services to medical practices and medical billing offices across the nation seeking Donna’s help.  Kardon Group, and its work, is still alive and humming along today.

Kardon Technology was formed to meet a need; the need we saw when we visited or talked with local Doctors and Practice Administrators about technology.  Constant changes in policies, procedures, incentives and laws makes it difficult to keep up. However, you still need to manage your day, your practice, and see patients.  Do you have the time to read the manual?  Can you efficiently compare the applications?  Do you have the latest version?  Do you need it?  Do you have time to run an accurate HIPAA Compliant back-up file?  Did you even have the time to learn where to set it up?

[row][two_fourth]The same services Donna, her staff, and her contacts have been providing to those select Kardon Group clients for nearly a decade and a half are the base services many local practices are seeking every day.  Building on this foundation, Managed Services were added to support your daily activities.  There just aren’t many companies who provide the level of service and knowledge that make technology easier to manage, use and understand for the small to medium providers at an affordable rate.  Kardon Technology was formed to respond to those needs… your needs. Recently, Kardon Technology shifted our Compliance options and products to the Kardon Compliance Division. Now, there’s a complete solution for your practice or business.[/two_fourth][two_fourth_last][/two_fourth_last][/row]

Although Kardon Technology specializes in regulated industries like the medical, legal and financial industries, our Business Services benefit any business model.  If you need someone that works to understand your unique business needs, someone who wants to help your practice survive and succeed; if you need an IT staff without actually hiring (and managing) an IT staff, then we should talk.

Kardon Technology.  “We take care of IT.  You take care of business.”